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Principal's Greeting

Mission Statement


Within our Catholic community, we are dedicated to providing quality education founded on the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ.



Welcome to All Saints Catholic. Our school setting allows an opportunity to interact with our students in a personal way conducive to sharing Catholic faith beyond religion class. We all have the opportunity to learn and grow in our faith supported by a welcoming and nurturing environment. It is our ministry to ensure religious faith development and excellence in learning. We look forward to learning with you this school year.


As members of All Saints Catholic community we are committed to:

    We will motivate, support and celebrate each others' successes. ​
  • PRAY
    We will demonstrate the Catholic faith by modelling Christ-like  behavior in the way we learn, act and pray. ​
  • ​LEARN
    We will learn from one another, collaborate with each other and become lifelong learners who are always growing.​
    We will accept and love one another, respect and celebrate individual differences.
    We are committed to being citizens who are engaged, accountable and responsible to ourselves, each other and the community. 



Mrs. Lenzena Zanidean                       Mr. Casey Yeomans

Principal                                               Vice Principal




“We are God’s workers, working together.”

                                                1 Corinthians 3:9


God is always near us,

above us, below us, around us,

He is there.

On a good day, He is there.

On a bad day, He is there.


It is His grace that offers hope,

His come-as-you-are acceptance,

His patience and love.

Through Him there is strength,

Hope, love, and grace.