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Mission Statement
Within our Catholic community, we are dedicated to providing quality education founded on the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ.
Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year. A new school year full of excitement and possibility. Holy Trinity’s Re-Open Plan has protocols and procedures in place to support their commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of all students and staff. These demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our students, and we are incredibly excited to be back in the classroom with them. I want to remind all of our families that you are a valued partner in your child’s education and we look forward to ongoing communication with you throughout the school year. There will be opportunities to have parents in the building for extra-curricular activities which provides a chance to strengthen that sense of community we hold dear. May we continue to, “walk together in the light of Christ” (Psalm 89:15).
Commit To A Spirit of Excellence
“Whatever you do, do well.”
Ecclesiastes 9:10

News & Announcements

CMHA Secret Santa is up and running! Featured Photo

CMHA Secret Santa is up and running!

This Christmas, the ASCS SCC hopes to bring our school family together by working as one to bring some holiday cheer to those in our community. We have decided to be Secret Santa for members of our local branch of Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) again this Christma

Our Day at a Glance

  • 8:35AM Start of the Day
  • nutrition 11:30AM-12:15PM Lunch
  • 3:05PM End of the Day

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