May 24 Announcements

Today is Day 3.

All “WE” Club students please meet in the Piazza at 10:00 to present a cheque to the SPCA.

Noon hour hockey today:  Ferda Girls VS Gustavo Boys.

Good luck to the students attending the Provincial Heritage Fair!

Good luck to the athletes attending the SWAC Districts today.

Band Bottle Drive


Saturday, January 14, 2017, starting at 9:30 am

Parents and students can meet at Kevin’s Ultimate Detail (630 Cheadle St W.) on Saturday, January 14, starting at 9:30 am.

We need 38 drivers and a lot of students.  Come even if you do not have a driver and we will try to find a spot for you.

Drivers will need 2 walkers to get a route.  (1 Driver + 2 Walkers = 8 Music Miles)

Parents and students who participate receive “Music Miles” that will go towards your fees for band/choral trips.

Free hot chocolate, coffee and doughnuts will be waiting after the Drive.

Please dress for the weather.

We also need the following:

  •     volunteers to work as inside sorters.  You must call to confirm a shift.
  •     a truck or trailer, with a driver to take bagged bottles to SarCan.

Call Stan @ 773-3523 for more information.

All Saints Catholic and Ecole Centennial schools were advised by the Fire Department that there was a Natural Gas leak north of the schools this afternoon. In consultation with the Fire Department it was determined that the students were not at any immediate risk of harm. However as a precaution the students were kept indoors for the afternoon recess. Busses after school were running as normal. By the 3:05 the line was shut off and all was clear. Our apologies for any inconvenience.