Family Potluck

Dear All Saints' School Families,

We are excited to invite you to our first annual "School Family Potluck" event, a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate our diverse culinary traditions. This event promises an evening of delicious food, meaningful conversations, and a chance to connect with fellow families.

Event Details:

  • Date:
    • Pre-k to Grade 3 families: Tuesday, September 26th
    • Grade 4 to Grade 8 families: Wednesday, September 27th
  • Time: 4:45 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Location: All Saints' School Gym

Potluck Guidelines:

  • Each family is kindly asked to bring a dish that holds cultural significance to their family. If you don’t have a dish with cultural significance, feel free to just bring a family favourite. This dish should be prepared to serve 5 - 6 people and must be nut-free.
  • Please remember to bring the necessary serving utensils (spoon, spatula, etc.) for your dish.
  • Arrive at the school by 4:45 PM to drop off your prepared dish at the buffet line, located on the stage in the gym.
  • Please attach a list of ingredients to all dishes as some families may have intolerances to some dishes. Thank you. 

Event Schedule:

  • 4:45 PM: Drop off your food and then proceed to the gym (tables will be set up) where you can socialize until we begin.
  • 5:00 PM: The buffet will open, and families can enjoy a meal together until 5:45 PM in the gym.
  • 5:45 PM: Mr. Yeomans and Mrs. Zanidean will address the gathering and read an excerpt from "If You're Not from the Prairie." They will introduce an exciting writing assignment.
  • 5:45 PM - 6:30 PM: Families will move out of the gym and into the Piazza/hallways to collaborate on their icebreaker assignments. Afterwards, families will have the opportunity to meet with their teachers to discuss their icebreakers, and teachers will also share their own icebreakers.

Please Note:

  • Families are kindly reminded to pick up all dishes and utensils they brought and take them home at the end of the event to help us maintain a clean and welcoming space.
  • If you have children in multiple classes feel free to pick which night you attend. 

We look forward to sharing this special evening of food, fun, and community with all of you. Your participation and contributions to this potluck will make it a memorable event.

Warm regards,
All Saints Catholic School Staff