Drive 4UR School: Thank You

Thank you to Ford Canada and Cypress Motors for partnering with us and sponsoring this event. A huge thank you to all the volunteers (ASCS Free the Children Club, the NET Team, Christ the Redeemer Youth Group and members of the student body from ASCS and alumni) who worked shifts throughout the day to ensure things ran smoothly. We want to recognize the SCC for providing a canteen. As always, their support is appreciated. A special thanks to the community of  Swift Current  for their participation in the Drive for UR School initiative. Without the support and involvement of all of you, an event like this is not possible.


Donation Confirmation – All Saints Catholic School & Free the Children

Dear Shaylynn Hurd Congratulations!

Your Drive 4UR Community event has raised $3,700.00! The donation cheque is being processed and will be shipped out in two weeks’ time. Please note that the donation cheque will be shipped to the dealership for presentation purposes. If you have or will be taking any event photos or presentation photos, we would love to have copies to post to our Facebook page and website. We love to show just how great the Drive events are and how much they help our local communities and schools! Thank you again for your participation and making a difference in the community!

Sincerely, Drive 4UR Community & School Program HQ

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