Family Literacy Day

Inviting all Families!  
Come out and join us on Friday, January 25                    
Between 8:00 and 9:00am                        
To read as a family and enjoy homemade muffins.      

January 22 Announcements

Today is Day 3.

A foosball table has been donated to our school.  It has been placed on the stage by the ping pong tables.  Please be respectful of this new equipment and most importantly, have fun and enjoy!

Today is Pizza Tuesday.

Intermediate Girls basketball practice is at 6:30 tonight.

Drama at 11:30 in Mr. Yeoman’s class, bring your lunch.

Noon dodgeball:  Ravens VS Bears.

All Grade 3-5 Battle of the Books today at 11:30 on the stage.  Please bring crayons, markers or pencil crayons again.

Ski forms are due Friday.

Congratulations to the Senior Boys basketball team on their win over Fairview yesterday.  Go Guardians!

Senior Girls basketball meeting at 10:00 at the gym today.

January 21 Announcements

Today is Day 2.

No Battle of the Books today.

Face to Face retreat is on Wednesday.

Senior Boys basketball VS Fairview at All Saints today.  Please let Mr. Krell or Mr. Sommerfeld know if you are willing to scorekeep.  Go Guardians!

Intermediate Boys play at Irwin after school.  Have rides arranged.

Tomorrow is Pizza Tuesday.

Noon dodgeball:  Patriots VS Cowboys.

Family Literacy Day is this Friday.  A note will be sent out today.