February 15 Announcements

Today is Day 2.

No school next week (February 18 – 22).

Reminder to use scent-free deodorants and body sprays after gym class.

Congratulations to the Intermediate Girls on your game yesterday.

There is still Crush pop for sale – it can be purchased at the canteen at noon today.

Match Maker results can be purchased in Mrs. Cleave’s room during the first and last recess today.

Noon dodgeball:  Saints VS Rams; Chiefs VS Texans.

February 14 Announcements

Today is Day 1.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

No school next week.  School resumes Monday, February 25.

Senior Girls shooting practice at lunch today.  Good luck at your game after school at Irwin!

Valentine’s MatchMakers surveys are here!  To purchase your results, bring $2.00 to the Piazza during any of the breaks today (grades 608).

SLC is selling Crush pop today for $1.00 in the Piazza and Fire Wing during the noon and afternoon breaks.  This is for all grades.  Remember – do NOT open your pop without your teacher’s permission.

Grades 3 and 4 will go first for the Valentine’s Day Skate.  Buses will come back and pick up the Grades 1 and 2.

Intermediate Girls basketball shooting practice at lunch today.  Good luck today after school.