June 27 Announcements

Today is Day 3.

There will be no pizza today.

The Canteen will be open but will be very limited with food items today.

Grade 5’s – if you’re interested in purchasing your lock this year so you can practice over the summer, please bring your money to the office.

No canteen tomorrow – the breakfast program will be open in the morning.

There is an assembly in the gym tomorrow at 9:00 am.

June 26 Announcements

Today is Day 2.

The Grade 6 Band will be marching in the Kiddies Day Parade on Wednesday, June 28 at 3:30.

Staff and students need to return all books tot he library this morning.  We are still missing quite a few!

Grade 7/8 Band students need to return their uniforms washed and ironed to the band room.

Grade 6 Band and the Grade 7/8 Band are performing for the awards ceremony.  Please come tot he band room at 1:35.

The grade 6-8 Awards Ceremony will be this afternoon starting at 2:00 sharp.

Grade 5’s are reminded to bring your lock money if you wish to take your lock home over the summer to practice.